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Large kitchen appliances how to prevent security risks too fast aging

Author:  Source: Update:2014-03-19  Reads:632

Followed by science and technology , more and more electrical products into our home the day , we have become increasingly dependent on electrical appliances, electrical products, despite making our day even more convenient , exciting, but safety is the top priority of electricity . Kitchen appliances varieties, pay attention to safety when placed , or simply cause accidents. Especially when all the kitchen equipment , to put all kinds of electrical appliances in the kitchen , if the wrong place , electrical difficult due to the heat and cause accidents. Extended service and some appliances in the kitchen there are all kinds of risks.

To prevent electrical aging, accident, note the following points in the decoration process : all the cabinets into the oven when it is necessary to use special high-temperature electrical cabinets , because the oven temperature is very high ; And when placed into the refrigerator cabinet , and Consideration should be embedded refrigerator still -standing , they differ mainly in the cooling method in the separate cooling refrigerator and box sides , both sides are embedded by the refrigerator cabinet panels , the heat from the tank can be this thinking is necessary to have in the cabinet design, the device , but also need to set aside 10-20 cm cooling space behind the refrigerator should also leave appropriate space , and the wall to prevent direct fit ; else, various kitchen appliances orientation are not near to the stove , and it is not too near to the pool vegetables , avoid line heat accelerate aging, or because water splashes cause electrical leakage .

Kitchen appliances is an important reason for the formation of an aging security risks . Extended service will exist any electrical components aging questions and components , resulting in a short circuit easiest route aging , serious fire hazard. Life like normal use of gas stoves for eight years , if extended use , will not only lead to a short circuit in doubt , but also resulted in tempering , flame , gas leak , causing poisoning, blasting and other serious accidents.

According to some of the company's after-sales service personnel, they encounter long term use of electrical appliances will urge users to quickly replaced during the repair , but some users will be able to find just still work with . But unlike electrical equipment clothing , sewing can use, appliances to definitely lives , all the components of aging is very risky.

Kitchen appliances help we processed out of the delicacies , but also necessary to pay attention to when using electrical maintenance, do not let it become a security risk in our day .

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