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How to clean the end of cleaning appliances

Author:  Source: Update:2014-03-19  Reads:658

Lunar New Year, according to traditional customs, almost every household in the years to do clean-up, ready to clear the new cool New Year.

In addition to wash curtains quilt, Cabo, the appliances also clean a large item, but how talented safely and thoroughly clean the appliances? Reporters interviewed appliance industry association staff serve Shanxi Province, one by one stop answer for everyone.

Large household appliances

1, air-conditioning

Clean air, must be thorough, not only do exterior work. First thing to do is to turn off the power supply, air-conditioned enclosure with a dry cloth to scrub the dirt, then the internal cleansing phase. Ordinary, cleaning air conditioning inside, only to note dust filters, dust filters and neglect behind the heat sink, in fact, this is the hardest hit of bacteria and dust, thus focusing attention on the needs of cleaning, air conditioning can use professional cleaning agent . Finally, when a sunny day, the air conditioning is set to "blast" state, running 3-4 hours, so that the moisture within the air conditioner completely distributed.

2, refrigerator

Before cleaning the refrigerator, took out all the power to cut off food, mix with warm water and cleaning agent inside the compartment nets, glass, etc., and then washed with water and air dried. Then is deodorization and sterilization. In fact, very elegant food placed inside the refrigerator, to cover up the leftovers with plastic wrap, place the raw and cooked foods separate, placed between the food should not be too tight, which can be completed sterilization, energy saving, in addition to lemon, grapefruit skin etc. in the refrigerator to reach the deodorizing effect. There is a note that although advertised frost refrigerator now, but still more or less in the use of rendered frost conditions, frost must find time to stop the liquidation, or do not only affect the freezing effect, but also damage the refrigerator life The.

3, flat-panel TVs

On cleaning of flat panel TVs, and air conditioning are just the opposite, you can just focus on appearance, remember not disassemble, not only risk, but also the formation of adverse effects on the aftermarket. When cleaning flat-panel TVs, can use a soft cloth slightly moistened with water to wipe the TV shell stains, but not wipe the screen, scrub with water to form a plasma TV screen be damaged, so best to use a professional cleaning solution, or with dry Wipe with a soft cloth to stop. In addition, flat-screen TVs are very fragile, so to prevent shock and vibration in when cleaning. After cleaning, you must first quiet place for 30 minutes, then powered moisture removed.

4, washing machine

Washing machines are a lot of families on the use in the end, only the bad ones, but never stopped cleaning, in doing so, will the washing machine into a bacterial media. Washing machine cleaning is not difficult, purchase detergents, detergents and water, and then formulated in accordance with the ratio of 1 to 2, and will be configured into a good remover detergent box to add, after the operation of the washing machine to finish cleaning .

Small appliances

1, cooker

Wipe with a clean rag, pay attention not to touch the daily use of pot guts with a sharp object, otherwise it will lead to non-stick effect is reduced.

2, Microwave

Unplug the power plug with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of mild detergent in warm water, wipe the interior appearance of the microwave oven, the door and the door being ashamed at the back. Do not use metal brushes to clean, to avoid scratches.

If fouling too much, can be installed with special containers for microwave heating lemonade few minutes, let the water evaporate out of the furnace wet look, then wipe the stain with toilet paper after a thorough clean with a rag to stop. Clean the microwave oven door seal with a damp, soft cloth.

3, humidifiers

Tighten the power switch to the "off" place, unplug the power cord. Humidifiers use for some time, the water inside the calcium and magnesium ions precipitate gradually form scale. Special detergents humidifier according to the proportion of dissolved clarify the book stop, the water storage tank into the host, for 15 minutes to dissolve the scale abundant, if no home detergents, can be replaced with white vinegar.

4, juicer or Soymilk

After completion squeezed juice or soy milk kick immediately with scouring pad or a small scrap toothbrush dipped in water clearing about the machine heads, filters, etc., do not let Marc, Okara and other debris condense, or will the next Clean bring trouble. Participate in the mixing container 1/3 warm water and detergent, plug in the power for 30 seconds, then rinse with water. If the blade is used to ground meat, it will break it steamed bread leftover slag into the blender stop stirring, the effective absorption of minced meat and other residue. Soymilk clean juicer or shell compared simple wipe with a rag, remember not to rinse with water, or scraping with a hard object.

5, induction cooker

Wipe exhaust fans and vents inside the cooker to ensure the smooth flow of ventilation to avoid overheating cooker. This site can be dipped in alcohol to wipe with a soft, dry cloth, but to wait for the alcohol evaporates after their use cooker. If the vents dusty, use a soft toothbrush or cotton swabs liquidation, do not rinse with water. Wipe the cooker panel, available scouring powder or neutral detergent to clean, then wipe with a damp cloth. If fouling heavier, can be dipped in toothpaste wipe. Note the use of the oven just finished surfaces do not immediately rubbed with cold water to avoid hot and cold with shock, the panel cracking.

Tips broad consumer appliances Spring "cleaning" is important, but more important is to develop good habits home for appliances on a regular basis, so that appliances hour adhere to the best working condition, so that you can use to extend the life of appliances.

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