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Juicer and juice quality problems

Author:  Source: Update:2014-03-19  Reads:624
Fruit, it seems that a lot of people's minds is good, but if it happens not to chew the fruit, or the elderly poor dental mouth, can not eat fruit, children are fussy eaters do not eat fruits and how to do it? Faced with this situation, many people will choose to put fruit juice into juice!

Juicer on the market today can be broadly divided into two types, one is the low-speed extrusion is a physical way to squeeze, and the other, that is the traditional foil centrifugal, high shear juicer. So these two juicers, what kind of juice yield will be higher point? First, choose a weight almost apples to experiment, after weighing, the roar of the apple cut into pieces, juice is accompanied by the beginning of myself ...... juicer, so an apple into a glass of juice!

Oh, but not to drink, we are to experiment today, take a look at this knife network performance centrifugal juicer apple juice squeezed out a few bars.

The same operational methods, first apple cut into small pieces, then put this screw extrusion machines, and soon it was born a cup of apple juice. After cf obviously can conclude that spiral squeeze juicer juice yield slightly higher.

The same fruit juiced why would not the same color it?

This fruit juice, nutrition changes, and so might as well eat the whole of it.

Is to become a great matter of small particles on the juice principle, should belong to the physical changes, and such into small particles, not even help the body absorb it? But why vitamin C losses? But also the loss of so much of it? Is there a chemical change which attack it? In the end what is the reason of it?

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, its characteristics are soluble in water, and chemical properties of more lively, easy to be oxidized and synthesis.

So after the fruit and vegetable juice into pieces, a huge loss of vitamin C really do?

Experimental approaches vitamin C content of fruit and vegetables such determination is called 2.6. Dichloroindophenol titration method, which is the national standard assay. 2.6 dichloroindophenol is a dye, it is dark blue in alkaline solution, pink, vitamin C and the dye was mixed in an acidic medium of this later, after a look titration in alkaline and acid solutions of changes can be calculated vitamin C content. Experimental results show apple juice vitamin C content after a 60% reduction, in addition to watermelon, cucumber, pears and other fruits and vegetables in the juice, vitamin C also have different levels of loss. It appears that the loss of vitamin C status does exist, and we put the juice at room temperature and 4 degrees in the refrigerator to do testing. Results refrigerated three hours, a 21% loss of vitamin C, at room temperature for 3 hours, minutes, more vitamin C is lost 27%. When the juicer, high-speed rotating blades inside the cell to produce fruits and vegetables destroyed, making the encounter a variety of vitamin C oxidase, oxidation and vitamin C will be a large loss. If prolonged storage, then oxidized even more, lost more numerous.

It seems now squeezed juice or drink Well, then that needs juicing about people who, for example, the elderly and children, how should we do it?

Prevent or reduce the loss of nutrients, chopped fruit on the water, can cut off oxygen, so add a little citric acid in it, better able to prevent the oxidation of vitamin C, preparations were made, will be able to start pressing juice friends. Juicing hours plus a vitamin tablets, vitamin juice can also prevent the loss of it.


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