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Basic knowledge of food mixer

Author:  Source: Update:2014-03-19  Reads:661

Operating principle is to rely on food mixing machine mixing blade rotating at high speed at the bottom of the cup, the effect of the water in the food under repeated break.

Advantages: cheap, clean facilities, can process a variety of foods.
Defects: Demand overtime use of water, squeeze the juice can not only mixing the fruit and vegetable paste. Food mixing machine can also be used to mix with fresh cream, butter even more so creamy and delicious.
Skill parameters:

Evacuation order: 004 m3 / h

Operating cycle: L 200-600 x W 150-480 x H 120-480mm (height specification sealing machine sealing height)

Scale: 330 x 450 x 295mm

Voltage: 230V-1-50Hz (other voltages optional)
Power: 0,3 - 0,4 KW
Food mixing machine features introduced:
Food mixing machine is full gear layout, which has a high specification powertrain planning, high strength, high skill requirements, smooth, strong and durable. Can be used for mixing cream, cake liquid filling, beat eggs and dough, etc. and

There are three mechanical mixing speed, and with a wire egg beater, beat and spiral-shaped blender and surface control. Can be used for mixing cream, cake liquid dough and fillings and other operations. Both models use three-phase power, but also the use of single-phase power machine, according to the needs of the user selection.

Rational planning machine, looks pretty neat, small size, light weight, low noise. High efficiency, simple operation, sorting facilities, sanitation, reflected by the user to use eminent. Suitable for mixing foodstuffs in restaurants, restaurants, housing, and food manufacturers such as bread, kneading dough and use, are produced in high-quality pastries ambitions equipment.
Food mixing machine safety skills Regulations
(1) should be firmly grounded power outlet line, the power supply voltage and extra voltage match.
(2) should be selected for the proper mixing equipment and mixing speed according to the mixes.

a. Mixing flour: serpentine mixing rod, I file a low speed.

b. Mixing stuffing mix: beat-shaped blender, Ⅱ file speed.

c. Mixing egg: bud-shaped blender, Ⅲ gear speed

(3) mixing the end, pulling the handle to raise the orientation to minimize the mixing bucket, remove the blender, you can remove the mixing bucket.

(4) should be shut down before the shift, do not shift at work to avoid damage to the gear.

(5) should be replaced once a year gearbox grease.

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